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The Legendary First Post

Well I finally started a blog and it’s only one study abroad too late.  A note to anyone who care’s about grammar, punctuation, or spelling:  read a book.  For those who just care about the ramblings of restless adventurer of life read Into the Wild.  For those who want to read what I write, well, you’re on the right track so far.  It’s already been a week in Dubai and a lot has happened but I’ll try to catch up so here it goes, but first a few words from Robert W. Service.

There’s a race of men that don’t fit in,
A race that can’t stay still;
So they break the hearts of kith and kin,
And they roam the world at will.
They range the field and they rove the flood,
And they climb the mountain’s crest;
Theirs is the curse of the gypsy blood,
And they don’t know how to rest.


Part I – Journey to Dubai 11/29-11/30

Started the trip on the wrong foot when I got to security in Boston and the TSA girl said “That water bottle is empty right?” of course it was, I always bring an empty bottle to fill after security.  But it wasn’t.  It was either dump it and wait the line again, throw away my sig bottle, or what I ended up doing.  That was chug a liter of water in 20 seconds.  That was fun, so was going to the bathroom before my flight, onboard before we took off, and again just after take off.

After that it was boring.  Watched movies and couldnt really sleep.  The one bit of excitement came toward the end of the flight after I woke up from a falling asleep for 15 minutes (the longest nap I had).  There was a kid who looked my age laying on the floor by the bathroom (I was only 1 seat back from it) with an I-V in his arm and 6 people standing around him.  I don’t know what happened for sure but I guess he had multiple seizures.  Someone said that there was some kind of emergency at the front of the plane too but I never saw anything.  We almost had to reroute to stop in England but they had stabilized seizure-boy enough so we kept going.  Due to this we got there late.  Amsterdam was a huge disappointment.  That’s because I didn’t go.  My 5hr45min stop just wasn’t long enough after seizure-boy, customs, and the hour (and ~30€) round trip.

Amsterdam to Dubai was much better, it wasn’t filled so I got window and aisle seats to myself.  I made sure not to sleep so I would be able to when I got to Dubai and just watched movies and read.  We flew over Iraq, exciting, does that mean I can say I’ve been there now?  Unfortunately I don’t think so.

Got off the plane at 11:10, through passport control (even though I didn’t know the name of the place im staying) and customs (…after they made me pull out my climbing gear and explain 10 times that it’s for rock climbing…that whole concept confused them, I don’t think they believed people climb rocks) by 11:40, meet up with the shuttle and had to wait for another kid who didn’t even get in until 12 after all (damn you Stan!).  Got back here after 1AM and met my roommate and hung out with him and a few other kids from Etisalat Academy (aka EA, our dorm/hotel that where kids from several other colleges stay).

Slept in today (Wed 12/1) then went to RIT Dubai to get orientated.  RIT Dubai is in the Silicon Oasis, an area being developed just outside of Dubai.  Have a shuttle that goes back and forth a few times a day.  We have the bottom two floors of one of the several wings in “the pineapple building” but are moving to our own building just after christmas.  Nothing too special there, just telling us about how things work here.  Apparently everything we were told by people in Rochester was completely wrong.

After that we went to dinner at a Lebanese restaurant in the Mall of the Emirates.  It’s a HUGE mall that has everything from a ski field to a hotel.  Our restaurant looked out on Ski Dubai, the indoor ski slope.  The food I could eat was great, best dolmas I have ever had.  Of course, the only things I could eat were the dolmas, pita, hummus, and tabbouleh.  The ski slop was better than it looked in the picture, it actually continues around the corner and up a bit more.  Still nothing special, but possible worth the money to go for the novelty and since it might be my only chance this winter.

Anyway, I’ve been here for a week and that was just the first day so I’ll catch up more later.

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