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La Sportiva Solution Review

The first time I had a pair of solutions they were very tight and took a couple weeks to break in.  Since then my solutions have been a dream.  The synthetic lining and Velcro closure make them easy to get on and a nice snug fit.  They fit my foot like a glove and are amazingly comfortable even when new because they press all around my fit instead of a single point.

The rubber is quite sticky, but solutions are not the most sensitive shoe.  That said, I think the thickness contributes to their durability.  Despite being very aggressive, they can still smear like a champ when needed.  The P3 platform ensures solutions keep their aggressive downturn until their dying day.  The downturn isn’t just good for climbing steep routes or problems though.  I’ve found it exceptionally handy for pulling onto a high toe on vertical territory.

I have heard many people complain about the heel on solutions, but for me it fits so perfectly that I have yet to wear a shoe that I can heel-hook in better than the Solutions.  The only time I have had an issue with the heel was on a boulder problem that had a heel hook on such a large rail that I was above the sticky rubber onto the yellow band that has low friction.  The rubber on top of the toe is great for extra friction when you’re pulling at your limit too.

Overall, I think this is the best sport climbing or bouldering shoe I’ve seen or used.  They maintain their aggressive downturn, edge, smear, and basically just make you send your project.

One final note is that I have tried on Solutions before and had 40 be too small, 40.5 be too big, and 41 fit well.  I know they are handmade and this causes some discrepancy, but make sure you’re confident in the size you get.

Testing Notes:

I did not receive these shoes for free.  I have purchased multiple pairs of Solutions on my own.  I wear size EU 40.5 and street shoe 10.5.

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