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Scarpa Booster S Review


The Booster S is a great shoe for sport climbing or bouldering.  The shoes were quite tight, yet remained quite comfortable thanks to the two straps Velcro closure system and lined inner which helped give the shoes a nice glove fit.  The straps are just barely short enough that they don’t dangle off the end of the Velcro and get in the way like some other straps.  The split sole allowed for increased flexibility at the arch of the foot and greater sensitivity.  The heel shape could be improved upon to reduce the voids on the side of the heel that are so common in climbing shoes, but the added rubber on top of the toe was great for forcing pressure to the tips of the toes and getting extra purchase on toe-hooks.  In the spectrum of stiffness and sensitivity the Booster S achieves a great balance: nice and sensitive to feel the rock and smear, yet just stiff enough to edge well. The stickiness of the rubber was excellent as well, helping the shoes stick to smears and sloped edges.

Overall I really like this shoe and it’s among my favorites for sport climbing and bouldering.

Testing Notes:

I tested theses shoes for one day through a shoe demo.  For a more complete review I would need a longer test period.  This Booster S pair was size EU 41.  I usually wear size EU 40.5, Five Ten 9-9.5, and street shoe 10.5.

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