"Not all those who wander are lost"


Photo by Phillip Tearse

My name is Dylan.  I climb.

From family camping trips to exploring my back woods with friends, all of my best childhood memories were adventures in nature.  I never feel more alive or happier than when I’m surrounded by mountains, rocks, trees, and streams.  For a while I lost that side of myself, but in college I rediscovered the outdoor world and gained a passion for climbing.

Now climbing is my life.  It takes me to spectacular places, introduces me to wonderful people, and keeps my life full of adventure.  These days most of my time is spent in tents and under tarps, climbing around the globe, and reveling in the natural beauty of the world.

Taking my life on the road has been tough at times.  I’ve broken down several times, been injured, and even had my car, with nearly everything I owned inside it, stolen.  Each obstacle has only been a bump in the road and served to give me perspective so I appreciate the good times even more.

Many people have said how lucky I am to be able to pursue my passion, but luck has nothing to do with it.  I’ve made choices that led to where I am.  I’ve turned down jobs and eaten out of dumpsters to make this life possible.  For me, it’s all worth it.  I wake up every day excited to be where I am, eager to climb, and willing to do what I need to make that possible.

Climbing is a great life.  It’s a unique community where you meet tons of great people and can instantly make friends with people from around the world.  Of course, the reason we all do it is for the rock.  Always pushing, getting better, stronger, and smarter is a great feeling.  The progress I’ve made over the last couple years is stunning to me and I can’t wait to see what comes next because I know it’ll be great.